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Byoru’s real name is Hoang Vy, currently working as a photo model and a professional cosplayer. Also famous for her many cosplay photos of female characters with bold slitting style in many famous games and anime such as Genshin Impact,Valorant,Spy x Family,Sono Bisque Doll,…she has made many fans must be surprised to see.Follow her at Twitter-Byoru or Facebook-Byoru.

Byoru (ビョル) cosplay Maid Raiden Shogun – Genshin Impact “56 photos and 2 videos”

Cosplayer: Byoru (ビョル) Character: Maid Raiden Shogun Appear In: Genshin Impact Photos: 56 photos and [...]

Byoru (ビョル) cosplay Shiori Novella – Hololive “53 photos and 23 videos”

Cosplayer: Byoru (ビョル) Character: Shiori Novella Appear In: Hololive Photos: 53 photos and 23 videos [...]

Byoru (ビョル) cosplay Pekomama – Vtuber “54 photos”

Cosplayer: Byoru (ビョル) Character: Pekomama Appear In: Vtuber Photos: 54 photos File Size: 456mb Unzip [...]

Byoru (ビョル) cosplay Navia – Genshin Impact “58 photos and 26 videos”

Cosplayer: Byoru (ビョル) Character: Navia Appear In: Genshin Impact Photos: 58 photos and 26 videos [...]

Byoru (ビョル) cosplay Kurumi Tokisaki – Date A Live “61 photos and 22 videos”

Cosplayer: Byoru (ビョル) Character: Kurumi Tokisaki Appear In: Date A Live Photos: 61 photos and [...]

Byoru (ビョル) cosplay Fubuki – One-Punch Man “43 photos”

Cosplayer: Byoru (ビョル) Character: Fubuki  Appear In: One-Punch Man Photos: 43 photos File Size: 220mb [...]

Byoru (ビョル) cosplay Yuzuriha – Jigokuraku “68 photos and 2 videos”

Cosplayer: Byoru (ビョル) Character: Yuzuriha  Appear In: Jigokuraku Photos: 68 photos and 2 videos File [...]

Byoru (ビョル) cosplay Vermeil – Vermeil in Gold “61 photos and 7 videos”

Cosplayer: Byoru (ビョル) Character: Vermeil  Appear In: Vermeil in Gold Photos: 61 photos and 7 [...]

Byoru (ビョル) cosplay Fern – Sousou no Frieren “48 photos and 5 videos”

Cosplayer: Byoru (ビョル) Character: Fern Appear In: Sousou no Frieren Photos: 48 photos and 5 [...]

Byoru (ビョル) cosplay Privaty Maid – NIKKE “68 photos and 18 videos”

Cosplayer: Byoru (ビョル) Character: Privaty Maid Appear In: NIKKE Photos: 68 photos and 18 videos [...]

Byoru (ビョル) cosplay Ubel – Sousou no Frieren “62 photos and 12 videos”

Cosplayer: Byoru (ビョル) Character: Ubel Appear In: Sousou no Frieren Photos: 62 photos and 12 [...]

Byoru (ビョル) cosplay Killer Wife – NIKKE “34 photos”

Cosplayer: Byoru (ビョル) Character: Killer Wife Appear In: NIKKE Photos: 34 photos File Size: 292mb [...]