Send feedback with priority on fixing corrupted image files here (Please use English in group chat)

Hello Cosplaytele users.Before we begin,we would like to extend our sincerest apologies to you.
We are sad to announce that we are currently being attacked by competitors and vandalized download links in Mediafire so cosplay image files hosted on Mediafire are failing to download. down about 90%.
We are currently trying to fix the problem by finding other hosting providers and uploading the image files.However,we have too many image files hosting in Mediafire that’s why Please give us feedback on the image files that you want to prioritize recovery so we can proceed to restore them sooner than expected.

Send us feedback at (Please use English in group chat):

Submit the name of the image file using the name stored on Cosplaytele example:

DJAWA Photo – Aram-(아람) cosplay Creamy Alice “136 photos”


We sincerely apologize and thank you for your support of Cosplaytele.Please forgive us for this incident.